Historical Criticism

We are starting Historical Criticism. Read Chapter 6 on Historical Criticism with all the examples and all the exercises. This type of criticism requires research, since you need to know about the authors’ lives, time period, etc.   For the writing assignment for this week, you will answer the following questions. There is a Spanish movie directed by Carlos Atanes based on “The Metamorphosis” that places the action in Germany during the Nazi time. Why would the director of the movie make the decision to change the time? Why did he decide to pick the Nazi time and Germany? How does that emphasize the main idea of the story? To answer these questions, you will have to conduct research. Write two-three pages. This is not a formal essay, just answers to my questions. You do NOT have to watch the film to answer my questions, but it might be beneficial to do it. I do not want to provide you with a link since they change all the time and I am sure you can do it on your own. You have to do research and find out when the story was written and who the author was. You will have to think why the director of the film decided to change time and place and explain it.

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