Historical Events and today’s Business Practices

ASSIGNMENT FOR WEEK 1 Objective: Reflecting on the utility of what we learn is essential to embodying critical thinking skills supportive of personal and professional growth.  Your goal will be to create a reflective, thoughtful, and candid letter regarding your knowledge of US history. This week’s objective is to produce 4-page APA- reflective letter discussing your currently held perspectives of US history. Step 1.  You likely took history courses before attending University.  You probably learned a lot about world, regional, eastern, and western history!  Take a moment and collect your thoughts and knowledge about your understanding of history. Step 2.  Imagine you owned an old-time radio able to tune into any period of US history; allowing you to listen into historical events as they occurred.  Which three channels or events would you tune into?  Why?  List all three channels or events and the reason for their selection in your notes. Step 3. For each channel or event, write a one or two-paragraph narrative of its broadcast.  Collect the three narratives into your notes. Step 4. Using your notes, reflect how writing the narratives demonstrated: Your strengths in understanding the events. Your weaknesses in understanding the events. What you found most interesting about the events and why they pique your curiosity. Add your responses to the above points to your notes. Step 5.  Using everything from the previous steps, create a 4-page APA-formatted reflective letter discussing your perspectives of the three events and how comfortable you are in discussing them.  You may want to contain the following movements in your advice letter. Movement 1. Open with a paragraph demonstrating what you knew about US history before taking this course. Movement 2. Share your narratives of the three events you created in Step 3. Movement 3. Discuss your strengths, weaknesses, and interests in the narratives.  Ask yourself, Do they reflect a solid grasp of their histories? Movement 4. Close on thoughts regarding your understanding of how historical events shaped today’s business practices, laws, legislation procedures/practices, and attitudes. The reflective letter needs to be APA-formatted. Week 1’s Submission Submit the reflective letter, created in Step 5, to Week 1’s Assignment portal. 2 / 2 Recommended Activity. Evernote is a handy portfolio/e-scrapbook platform enabling you to store nearly anything into a notebook. It is a helpful way to collect sources, quotes, images, and materials for assignments! Also, it may function as a diary containing your thoughts and notes regarding the course and its content. The university strongly recommends storing and summarizing your course activities and submissions in your Evernote notebook.  If you want to collect materials in Evernote, then establish a notebook and create notes as you see fit.  You can find help on using Evernote at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314458-Using-Evernote-Quick-Start-Guide.  You may sign up for the free version of Evernote at https://evernote.com/ and even download the desktop app!

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