History and Humanities Lenses

Analyze job loss in terms of wellness through history and humanities lenses. History 1. How does job loss interact with the history lens and impact social issues? (i.e. responses to job loss over time, using a historical event to show the effects of job loss on society.) 2. In what ways does the history lens help articulate a deeper understanding of the social issue(s) that inform job loss? History lens- History tells the stories of our past to help us better understand how we got to the present. In addition to dates, events, and people, history encompasses first-hand accounts of experiences that include artifacts from an era (tools, clothes, toys, etc.), letters or diaries from people who lived during a certain time, documents from a time period, photographs, and, when possible, interviews with people who lived through the events that historians study. Together, these historical remnants help write a story of a particular time, which is then folded into the stories of history we are living and making today. Humanities 1. How is job loss portrayed creatively in society? What is the message or commentary of this representation? (i.e. how is job loss portrayed in the media) 2. How does this representation interact with one’s personal and professional lives? Humanities lens- The humanities broaden perspectives and promote an understanding of multiple experiences, cultures, and values through various mediums of creative human expression—such as literature, fine art, dance, photography, philosophy and religion, film and television, music, even the internet and social media—many of which are taught as separate academic disciplines.

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