History of Art

Module 8 concludes our brief survey of the history of art and introduces some of the formal and critical issues in art produced after 1945. After you have completed the activities in this module, please respond to the following prompts in complete sentences: Which artist covered in this module seems most effective in creating social and/or political change with their artistic practice? Explain why you selected this artist (or group of artists) and describe at least one of their works. (Note: You may select any artist covered in Ch. 21 of the textbook or featured in any of the Module 8 videos). Have you ever seen this artist (or group’s) work in person? If so, describe your experience? If not, find a museum or gallery online that houses/exhibit the artist’s work and share this information with the class. Are the works currently on view or in storage? If the artist’s works cannot be displayed in a museum/gallery, please explain why. (Please include an active URL for the museum or gallery.). For more information on this check: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_art

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