HIT Strategic Plan

Create a report (suggested length of 8–10 pages) to submit to the PHMS executive board that includes your proposal for a new integrated HIT strategy and an assessment of the feasibility of PHMS participating in the CHIE by doing the following: A.  Discuss how the new EHRS would address the following: •  implementation of population health strategies •  internal operations at PHMS •  quality-improvement programs 1.  Discuss how usability and interoperability between PHMS and Lourdes hospital would be improved by the new EHRS. 2.  Discuss how data integrity, data security, and patient privacy between PHMS and Lourdes hospital would be improved by the new EHRS.   B.  Propose a phased implementation plan for transitioning in the new EHRS system at PHMS that includes the following elements: •  an implementation timeline •  a workflow analysis •  vendor selection •  a phased implementation strategy •  training of staff, including physicians, clinical staff, and nonclinical staff •  a monitoring plan   Note: Sketches or diagrams can be used to support your phased implementation plan.   C.  Evaluate the feasibility of PHMS participating in the Kentucky Health Information Exchange based on the information in the “HIE Evaluation Checklist” that was completed as part of the “CHIE Feasibility Assessment Worksheet” (assignment 3 from Task 1).   D.  Explain how your integrated HIT strategy supports PHMS’s efforts to transition to a value-based model with population health management goals.   E.  Using Miller’s Impact Assessment Framework (IAF), discuss the impact of the new integrated HIT strategy at the following dimensions: •  Individual •  Health Services •  Information Management   F.  Acknowledge sources, using APA-formatted in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized

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