Hollywood and History

You will tell a story and you will use the prompts to explain the movie and your thoughts about it. You briefly retell the story. You examine its historical accuracy citing at least one source. Simply state your source that you consulted. How would you improve the movie; this is your conclusion and shall be thorough. I want you to look at films that start with the Conquest and move through the 1899. No earlier and no sooner. Some ideas: Conquest of Paradise, Black Robes, Amistad, The New World, Glory, 12 Years a Slave, Harriet, Birth of a Nation (2016 version), Amazing Grace, The Patriot, Gettysburg, Cry No More Forever, Last of the Mohicans etc. The media shapes the culture of the nation. There is much to suspect in this consumer and pleasure seeking culture. Nevertheless, we can find redeeming qualities by just exercising some caution and discernment. Hollywood has and continues to produce some outstanding films. In this assignment you are going to look for and find some examples of films worth watching. You will enjoy and learn from the experience. Your assignment is to watch a movie that is based upon some historical event. Watch, evaluate and critique the film. Here are the guidelines: 1. Discuss by describing what the story is about and critique it: story, plot, characters, etc. 2. Evaluate the accuracy based upon your readings, lectures or other sources. Cite in the body of paper 3. How would you improve the story? It cannot be perfect! This is a 50-point assignment that is typewritten and double-spaced. The paper is due per the calendar and I will not accept late papers and I do not accept electronic copies. The movie you select covers the time frame of the course and is bonus points. i want you to write a story about the film. tell me the history presented in the film. you may develop some of the characters, but you do not need to go full house on this one. i am looking to know about the history of the film (i have seen many, but not all and most likely i will know the history). this part of the paper will take 1-2 pages to be sure. the other portion of content is to explain the accuracy and inaccuracy that you encounter. cite source consulted in the paper. i want to see at least one of each on this matter. it makes sense to develop one paragraph for each item and that is close to at least a page long. thus far i am looking at three pages and you are not done. next, how would you improve the film. this is your conclusion. do not state … i found nothing to improve. that does not work. you have another page on this one and the total is close to at LEAST four pages … most likely 4-5. the content is 9 points. the analysis or how you explain this story and accuracy and improvement tells me how much you understand about the film in its historical context. analysis is worth 7 points.

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