Homeless Situations

Prepare and submit a term paper on Homeless Situation. Your paper should be a minimum of 2000 words in length. Homelessness is an issue because people who are homeless experience a wide range of human rights violations. Access to secure and safe housing is among the basic human rights. Basically, the homeless are not just about housing. Fundamentally, it is about a lack of connection with family, friends, community, and lack of control over the environment. The homeless may face human right violation to a standard of living that is adequate, the right to liberty and security of the individual, right to education, right to social security, right to privacy, the right to freedom from discrimination, voting right, and many more. Homelessness impacts an individual’s ability to enjoy his/her basic rights and freedoms. Homelessness is more than just an issue of housing. It is about human rights. These are also people and merely objects of charity, who are seeking for help and compassion. They are also entitled to enjoy their human rights. Because these rights are entitled to everyone, it is important that the human rights of homeless individuals are also respected and protected (Csiernik, et al. 2011).International human rights laws acknowledge that each and every person has the right to standards of living that is adequate. These rights also include rights to adequate housing. This is more than just shelter. It is the right to have an adequate place to live. Every individual, including the homeless, has the right to the highest standard of health that is possible. However, being homeless may result in serious and persistent violations of this principle of human rights. Everyone has the right to liberty and security of the person. A homeless person’s physical security is usually under constant threat. Because they&nbsp.lack a safe environment for living, they are more vulnerable to personal attacks and crime. The youth and children are specifically vulnerable to their safety and the laws of human rights recognize the right to protection against sexual and other abuses. Homeless women are also at a bigger risk of sexual abuse and violence and are normally forced into relationships out of need and situations that are harmful. Each and every person has the right to protection against unlawful or arbitrary interference with their privacy. The state of being homeless tends to take this right from the affected. They end up urinating, sleeping, eating, and washing in the public. activities that many people perform in the privacy of their homes (Hopper, K. 2003).

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