Hoolie’s Law and Simple Harmonic Motion

The lab report must consist of the following 5 parts as any further required parts as outlined in the lab instructions. Your lab report must reflect strictly your individual efforts. A) Cover Page with Objective(s) Your Name Course Number and Section Number Lab Partners: Date Experiment was performed Title of Experiment Objective(s): A few sentences describing the primary goal(s) of the experiment. B) Brief Introduction Consists of the theory that will be utilized to conduct the experiment and analyze the results. Briefly describes the steps taken to obtain results. Please use your own words, a copy of the lab instructions is not acceptable. C) Results and Analysis Includes all measurements taken and analysis performed. D) Discussion Discuss and explain your results by comparing them with the theory. E) Conclusions Your conclusions should summarize (in a few sentences) what can be deduced from your measurements (refer to the physical principles involved) and explain how your results meet the objectives of the experiment.

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