Hotel Loyalty Programs

Hotel Loyalty Programs are great for marketing and promotions! It has been proven to boost growth and does not cost the company that many marketing dollars. Everyone loves giving aways and it increase sells by selling more. Tracking customer tends for Market Research is helpful as well and the most important thing is it makes customers happy – so why not! The best thing about the program is once it is up an running it pretty much runs itself!

Here are eight reasons why loyalty programs are imperative for marketing…

1. It has been proven to boost growth

2. Not as expensive as you think to a company. Giving away a product that a person is buying more of, great idea!

3. Reputation

4. Increase sells by selling more…double points day or if you spend $X then you get more points

5. Market Research – track customer favorites, where they spend their money, etc…

6. It makes customers happy – so why not!

7. You can provide in store or digital rewards or both!

8. Once the program is up and running it stops being work

For this assignment – Research the loyalty program for the hotel you plan to do for your end of the semester project (if your hotel does not have a loyalty program you may do research on any program) and summarize the benefits of joining the program (list at least three benefits you gain by joining (example: Fairmont gives complimentary in room wi-fi for loyalty holders only and if you do not join you will have to pay for the service).

Why are consumers so addicted to these “points” and what are the benefits to the consumer (you can repeat the same answer as above)? What are the benefits (name at least three) to the hotel company for having a loyalty program?

Please see rubric below to ensure you will gain all points for this assignment! Any missing information will be a reduction in points

Grading Criteria

Maximum Points 10

Name of loyalty rewards program and summarized the hotel loyalty programs. (use the hotel you plan to do for your final course project)
2 points

Gave the details of the program (do not copy and paste from the website, use your own words)
Named at least three exclusive benefits for only holders of the program.
Name at least three benefits to the hotel in having a rewards program.
5 points

Provided well written detail answers for each of the questions as to why people want to gain points.
2 points

Used correct spelling, grammar, and MLA format and source citations. Met word count.
1 point

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