How can Social Workers Promote Resilience

How can social workers promote resilience. The idea of resilience is regarded as not a new subject for people who lived in modern society. Researchers have noticed a number of specific factors, such as emotional support both inside and outside the family, the establishment of trustful relations, self –esteem, encouragement and self-confidence, sense of being lovable, positive academic performance, morality, and feelings of security. The initial step in the process of promoting resilience among the society is that the identification of a child’s anxiety, stress, self-perception, his or her way of interacting with others and the way of addressing serious adversities. It is sufficient that along with primary needs like food and shelter children need love and trust, encouragement and self-confidence. Social workers and welfare organizations can promote various programs such as social campaigns, medical programs, and lectures for both family members and others. The neglected children require a kind of safe relationship from the part of family members and his/her friends who help to foster good friendships and encouragement. Edith H. Grotberg asserts. “On the contrary, too many adults crush or impede resilience in children or give mixed messages, and too many children feel helpless, sad and not fully loved” (Edith H. Grotberg., n.d.)Parents are the primary teachers of a child and they can promote resilience among their children during the period of early childhood. Social workers can advise the parents to give unconditional love and show their affection through physical and emotional relationships.The implementation of resilience activities can be divided into three layers. individual and family layer, school and layer and&nbsp.finally community and environmental layer.

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