How Our Lives are Shaped by Rationality

Compose a 2000 words assignment on how our lives are shaped by rationality. Needs to be plagiarism free! Rationality is related to the perspectives that are useful in changing environmental and personal situations and these perspectives are humanistic perspectives, social behavior and constructionist, developmental, conflict, systems, psychodynamic and rational choice perspective. People determine and make choices of the appropriate values and norms to observe using rationality. Human beings as rational creatures do not just act depending on their preferences but based on values that are rationally determined. Many of their actions are geared towards striving to survive and even in this case, the struggle to survive is a control to limit the extent of natural instincts as they strive to survive. These limits are determined rationality. Rationality is therefore related to the survival of the human species and the intelligence of human beings. Rationality is therefore a part of human life and extends to the actions of people in their day to day lives, their religion, art, science and technology. The question of how our lives are shaped by rationality therefore will be answered in the paper (Alexander, 2003).Several theories give an explanation of how our lives are shaped by rationality and in this respect, the rational choice theory indicates how rationality forms the basis of social analysis. The theory argues that there is a degree of rationality in human behavior. In this case, rationality is regarded as being applicable in a noneconomic phenomenon whereby people use it to make decisions concerning their behavior and lifestyle. People become rational to do what is best suited for their life and these actions have their basis on values and beliefs that are held by the people. The values and beliefs as well are formed on the basis of what is rational. The assumption of the fact that the actions of others are rational is what qualifies their actions as being able to make sense.

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