How the President Uses Informal Powers

Many scholars argue that a president’s greatest powers are informal, those powers that aren’t listed in the Constitution and have evolved over time. Evaluate how the president uses informal powers. What has the White House done to increase the president’s power over the years? How have these informal powers affected what the President has done (using recent presidents for examples would be useful)? How have these powers been used/abused by the Presidents in your opinion and why? Are there things our President would not have been able to accomplish if not for informal powers (again, recent examples would be useful)? Have we allowed the President to become too powerful? Please also feel free to evaluate and review the recent transition of power between President Obama and President Trump. Many examples of informal powers have occurred during this time – evaluate them closely and from a neutral perspective (this isn’t your chance to give me a political rant). This question lends itself to a review of presidential action and power, particularly Presidents of recent history. I would recommend reviewing Presidents Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Reagan as your best examples, utilizing President Trump during his transition to power. However, keep in mind that the Presidency truly evolved during the FDR presidency and since then. Make sure you use examples and research to validate the argument you are making. Please let me know of any questions you may have. Make sure your total assignment answer is at least a minimum of 4+ pages in length (not the answer to each sub question, however) A minimum one and a half pages paper is a ‘C’ level paper–an ‘A’ requires a minimum of 5 pages, double-spaced. Be sure you save a back up copy and submit your work either rtf or word doc format. Appropriate research and citation is required, including a works cited. Be sure to include page numbers or subsections for your sources of facts. You must also make sure you answer all parts of all questions that are asked. Glib, short and answers that are simply not supported by facts will not receive many points. If you do not supply facts and sources to support your opinions, you will lose significant points. You must include a works cited paged.

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