How we Fight for Our Lives by Saeed Jones

1. In your first paragraph, state the title and date of the event (along with the event website or social media if available.)  Briefly summarize the social issues and topics that the event introduced. Then, present your overall reaction to them. 2. In your second paragraph, discuss at least one sociological fact, discourse, and/or statistics that you learned regarding the topics introduced by the event. Then, present at least one question and/or critique toward the presented discussions or discourse.  1. Jones opens How We Fight for Our Lives with one of his poems, entitled “Elegy with Grown Folks’ Music” (Tin House, 2016). How does Jones see his mother in this poem? How does music change that view? Have you ever had a mundane experience that changed how you viewed your parents? 2. Why does Jones accompany Cody and Sam into the woods? What do we learn about Jones’s sexuality in this section, and how is that sexuality viewed by these neighbor boys? Do you think they understand the name they call him? 3. In your third paragraph, summarize the major message and content of the book. Ensure you include the social group(s) and issues/trends that this book focuses on. ( 1 point) 4. In your fourth paragraph, discuss which argument you agree with the most (or the most shocking/inspiring thing you learned) and why by quoting a specific sentence from the book. ( 1 point) 5. In your fifth paragraph, discuss which argument you disagree with the most (or questions that you have) and why by quoting a specific sentence from the book. ( 1 point) Please only use sources related to this book; discuss thoroughly.

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