HR and Leadership

The questions below are intended to start your thinking, not as a framework for organizing your paper.   1.  Lego has approached different ways towards innovating including a tie-in to other products such as Star Wars, movies, etc.  Some of those attempts have been useful, and some have not. What steps must an organization take to create and maintain an innovation culture?  Based on your research, is Lego’s an innovative company now? ?  (Note, this will require updating the reference materials that I provided you which are from several years ago. ) 2.  What HR and leadership decisions led to their success, or their failure to continue to innovate?   3.  Imagine that you are a consultant to Lego’s and you are asked to prepare no more than 5 slides which recommend what HR systems HR should put into place in order in the future to consistently remain a high performing organization?  These ideas may be related to the successful implementation of innovation.  The key is that you must connect your HR recommendations to the organization challenge.  In addition, you should use external research to frame your thinking.  Your recommendations must be laser-focused and specific; don’t simply recommend a culture change, for example, state what kind of a culture change must be implemented and why.  (Note, for many reasons I suggest that you NOT recommend culture change.  It is too big of a topic for this assignment. ) 

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