In our third module, we explored how a talent management cycle allows managers to recruit, select, train, and manage performance of employees. For this written assignment, you will write about how these functions apply in your industry or career path. Specifically, consider what you have learned in this module and write an essay that explores in detail: typical approaches to recruiting applicants for common jobs in your industry or career path common selection processes in your industry or career path, including interview methods, selection tests, etc. descriptions of new-hire training, onboarding, and ongoing development processes in your industry or career path effective methods for performance appraisal, coaching, and feedback to employees for jobs in your industry or career path (THE COMMERCIAL AVIATION INDUSTRY). Each written assignment in this course should include at least 6 pages of double-spaced content in 12-point Times New Roman font, summarizing your key learnings in class and how they are relevant in your industry or career path. Written assignments require application of content from the textbook and any other learning materials provided in the course, as well as your own independent research (especially around industry-specific aspects of the assignment). Your paper should be formatted and written in the style dictated by the American Psychological Association (APA) 6.0 Style guidelines. Please see the Lynn Library APA Style guide (Links to an external site.) for assistance here, including the pre-formatted template in Microsoft Word (Links to an external site.). You do not need to use an Abstract or a Table of Contents, but you will need a Title Page and a References Page in the correct formats. You are strongly encouraged to work with the Writing Lab (Links to an external site.) to get assistance with your academic writing; take advantage of this free service, as part of your university education! You must use APA-formatted in-text citations and References to indicate the source of any ideas you apply from other authors. You are encouraged to summarize and paraphrase whenever possible rather than directly quoting, as your instructor is much more interested in what you now know and understand than in what you can quote from your research. (However, citations and References are still required, even if you’re not directly quoting.)

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