Human Development Annotated bibliography

The summary should draw upon the points used in the Week 2 Article Analysis assignment: What did the author(s) hope to find (e.g., goals, objective, purpose, hypothesis, research questions)? What did the author(s) actually find (e.g., results, discoveries)? What investigative method(s) (e.g., qualitative research study, quantitative research study, review of research) did the author(s) use? How were data compiled, analyzed, and interpreted (e.g., methodology)? As presented by the author(s) (e.g., discussion, conclusion), what do the results mean? What are the implications of the results? What limitations were identified? You are to identify a topic of choice that is germane to your graduate program. Having identified one topic, you are then to find 5 scholarly research articles; these research articles should be current (i.e., within the past 5 years). You will write annotations for these 5 articles. The annotated bibliography should be submitted as a Word document and include the following: (a) title page, (b) annotations, and (c) reference list (IF needed).

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