Human Genome

Review the links below and attached paper. Write an op-ed (i.e. your opinion only), two page, 12-point font, 1.5 space paper on the ideas discussed in the following blog. Discuss your opinion on the following questions as you see them, not what the author thinks but what do you think? Do not use direct quotes, or quotations of any kind, this is an opinion paper.   Read the article at the link below:   1. Based on what you have learned about the Human Genome why did “Geneticists have had little luck so far identifying gene variants that explain why COVID-19 has hit Black people in the United States and United Kingdom particularly hard”? 2. What are some likely reasons that these covid “hits” were not found in African ancestry? 3. Explain how health disparities affect one’s lives? 4. As informed Biology majors, how do groups affected most by Covid-19 prepare for future attacks on health, socioeconomics and life?

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