Human Resource Initiative

Primary research for this assignment can be in the form of a personal or telephone interview. With COVID-19, please utilize technology toconduct your interview, so the interview is not face-to-face (teleconference, video conference, etc.). The person must be an expert in the human resource field, someone who has first-hand experience with the initiative or issue, reporting of direct observation from you in a researcher role or a human resource role.Secondary research does not require an interview and we continue to gather data by utilizing existing research.Topic: Human Resource Working Through the COVID-19 PandemicTopic Selections:Remote Working Plan (telework)Business Continuity PlanManaging Employee CommunicationMaintaining Organizational CultureTalent Acquisition and RetentionEngaging Remote EmployeeEssential versus Non-Essential EmployeesImplementation of Preventative MeasuresConsiderations to Remain Open or Re-OpeningInvestment in TechnologyHandling of Sick Leave and/or Time-OffOur paper must select a minimum of 5 COVID-19 HR related topics.Person to interviewConsider the COVID-19 learning objectives or concepts of interest to research5-6 page paper demonstrating an understanding of Human Resource application of course conceptsA minimum of 6 referencesWe must use a minimum of 3 references from our Annotated Bibliography. We must use information from the course textbook to support your paper. Find additional peer-reviewed journal articles from Welder Library E-Resources or Google Scholar to support your paper (minimum of 5). Your articles must be within the last 10 years. Paper Requirements:Write a 5-6 page paper demonstrating an understanding of the application of course concepts. A good rule of thumb is to introduce the subject discussed and use the information from your interview to support the subject. You must include citations from the course textbook and a minimum of four scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles (from Welder Library E-resources) to support your paper. Also, make sure how to review how to cite an interview in APA. (Links to an external site.)Your paper is required to be in APA. Include a title page You do NOT need an abstractAvoid first person. Include a reference page with a minimum of 6 sources (the course textbook and 5 peer reviewed journal articles). If you list a source as a reference, you must include an in-text citation within your paper for that source.v

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