Human Resources

Directions: Assignment should be answered in complete sentences (not bulleted), typed, double-spaced and submitted via Canvas by deadline above. Content and quality counts so be mindful of grammar, spelling, providing detailed context and answering all of the questions as this will be reflected in your homework grade. Assignment Questions: 1. Explain the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and its significance in today’s workforce? Cite 2-3 facts based on external sources and articles which can be extracted through web-based searches (cite your source). Provide an example of at least one organization that leads in this area of upholding pay equity regardless of gender (male and female work population) and list/explain internal practices have they established to ensure pay equality for all positions. 2. Given the heightened publicity, protests and support around #Black Lives Matter (BLM) in recent months, share your position and thoughts around the Civil Rights Act 1964 and how organizations (select one company and elaborate) are supporting the advancement of increased hiring diversity and recruitment of Black and Brown People of Color. What specific staffing practices and commitments are being made to improve and increase Black and Brown hires? 3. Imagine you are in a role of an HR Business Partner or Talent Partner, how would you influence, educate and inspire your business leaders to commit or further their commitment to creating/hiring a highly diverse workforce not just of people of color but diverse LGBTQ+, Persons with Disabilities, Military, over 40+ talent, etc.? Provide specific plan or strategy to accomplish this and include measurable criteria to track progress.

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