Human Resources

Topic: You are the senior Human Resources representative in a large organization with locations throughout the United States. The company has a long history of taking conservative views or positions on social issues. However, as economic compression strengthens, the senior leadership in the company recognizes that the conservative reputation of the organization is limiting entry in to various markets. The decision has been made to make changes throughout the organization’s approach to these issues, starting with its people programs. Specifically, the organization has selected to approve the offering of health benefits to domestic partners. You’ve been tasked with preparing the roll-out of this new initiative to the employees at all locations. Discuss how this will impact the organizations diversity training – what will need to change? Provide specific elements of how you will handle the concerns of current employees, over this new direction the leadership is taking. Finally, how will you personally balance this shift in the organizations’ direction, with your biblical worldview? Please be sure to 1) completely answer the questions posed in the DB Forum with practical applications, 2) utilize the course textbook, 3) utilize at least two (2) scholarly sources, and 4) provide in-text citation of your sources as well as to include all sources in your reference list according to proper APA format.  You will need to provide a reference for the course textbook and all other sources including the Bible. The ”answers” to the DB Forum Post questions are not necessarily all in the chapters you are reading.  You will need to review other chapters, scholarly & non scholarly sources, etc. to ensure you have the complete answer. Each thread must be 300-500 words and demonstrate course-related knowledge.  The thread must include a Scripture reference and at least 2 scholarly, peer-reviewed sources, plus the course text, all in current APA format.

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