Human Rights Movement

This is for My Theories of Oppression Class1. Introduction What social movement is the focus of the paper? Why did you select this social movement?What is the central goal of the movement?What are the key social justice issues that form the basis of the movement?Which specific social justice issue will you emphasize in this assignment?2. History- Discuss the historical evolution of the social movement. What social, political, and economic conditions gave rise to the movement?What group was most impacted by the movement?Provide a demographic picture of this group. For example, who makes up the population? How many are included in the population? What are the major policy positions and basic tenets of the movement?3. Oppression’s Effects on Group Summarize the social, economic, political, physical, and psychological effects of oppression and inequality on the group. Also, discuss the impacts—benefits and drawbacks—for members of the agent (oppressor) group.4. Explanation of Group’s Oppression Present two theories discussed in class, or presented in the syllabus or outside readings, that explain why this group was oppressed and discriminated against. One of the theories should come from your outside readings. From your own reading, expand on the theories’ assumptions and basic tenets to explain oppression group has experienced. Critique the efficacy, strengths, and limitations of both theories as explanatory devices. (Note: The Social Oppression Model (Hardiman, Jackson, & Griffin, 2013) is nota theory; it is a framework.)5. Movement’s Strategies and Advocacy Efforts Critically examine at least three major strategies of advocacy efforts the movement used to dismantle injustice and inequality. Indicate the successes and failures the movement has encountered. In what ways could the strategies and advocacy efforts be expanded and strengthened for greater mobilization and effectiveness?6. Micro and Macro Social Work Methods Discuss key macro and micro social work practice methods that would promote social justice to affirm/transform the life chances of the group and further advance the social movement.7. Leadership and Social Action Plan Develop a plan for your continued learning, leadership, and social action regarding anti-oppression and social justice.

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