Human Services in News

Human Services in the News Welcome to your first Human Services in the News assignment. For this assignment, you are to locate and read an article which focuses on a recent finding, discovery, story or event from the world of helping and the human services in the United States. Here are two sources for articles: 1. Current happenings in social work comes from a Canadian website SocialWorkNews. They link to stories throughout the world that pertain to social work practice. The link for their website focusing on the Americas is:  2. Social Work Today, a monthly publication targeting social workers that explores the wide range of issues that social workers face. This link collects research and other newsworthy items of interest related to the field. There are two things you should focus on as you choose an article to review. First, it should be interesting to you; that goes without saying. Second, it should be long enough that you can adequately review it. Some of the news items they include in this site are short, some only a paragraph long. Something that brief will provide you too little information to construct a solid review of. Once you have settled on article that gets your interest, you are to read it, print it and write a review of the article and bring it to our next class. Attach the original article to your review. The review should contain three sections: an introduction, body and conclusion. The following material will need to be included in those sections:  Introduction ~ identify the article title, the original source, the topic and other relevant introductory information Review ~ summarize the article in your words not the author’s; include in your body interesting and relevant details about the article and the findings  Conclusion ~ wrap-up the review with a consideration of what makes it newsworthy and how it links to human services. As with all papers, attention to the content as well as the organization and mechanics of the paper, including spelling, grammar, sentence and paragraph structure will all be factored in as part of your grade.

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