Human trafficking

You will be responsible for investigating a social issue in a country considered to be part of the Global South. The paper should focus on one issue in one country. You will turn in a 10-12 page paper (double-spaced). Your paper must be properly cited in APA 7th edition format. A minimum of six scholarly sources must be used. The paper should indicate a good understanding of the issue. The paper must detail the following questions at a minimum: • What human rights are being violated (while many issues can theoretically violate many human rights, select the primary issues). • What is the impact of this problem on the human condition? How does it impede people’s development? What is its relevance to social welfare? • How did the issue develop in this culture? Why did it develop in this way? How did it spread? How did culture affect its development and diffusion? • What government policies have risen in response to it? • What is the international response to this issue (if any)? What CSOs/NGOs are addressing this problem? • What have been the organizational successes, limitations, and challenges in regard to the problem-solving efforts? • What key cultural issues would need to be considered when developing interventions? Discuss the applicability of this approach and intervention to other countries where this problem is evident.

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