Ideal Immigrants’ in Canada”

Around 300 words total, 3 questions, due within 24 hours.The goal with this week’s discussion is for you to think about the personal experiences of adult learners in the context of education, work and other life goals.Read: Scott, et al. (2015) ” International Students as ‘Ideal Immigrants’ in Canada”1. What were some of the key challenges experienced by international students as they entered employment contexts? What were some ways the students felt supported?2. How does this square with the promises and assumptions of Canadian international education strategies, policies and discourses?3. Please know that you do not have to share any personal information if you choose not to — you can always make more general comments about how the system works: If you are an international student, how do your experiences compare with what we have read and discussed today? Or, if you know any international students, what have they told you about their education –> work experiences?Personal information: I am an International student, I never had a job, so maybe focus on My friends’ experience.

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