Ideas About Race and Ethnicity

paper should be between 750 – 1500 words. APA formatting is requiredfind two advertisements from any source (newspaper, magazine, tv, etc). One will be an example of the ways that the advertisement perpetuates ideas about race and/or ethnicity in a negative, prejudicial, or stereotypical way. The other should be an advertisement that challenges those prejudicial and stereotypical ways. Compare and contrast the advertisements. What ages, genders, races, etc are present in each advertisement (think back to the discussion of social statuses from chapter 5). What message do those statuses send? What key message is being sent by each advertisement? Summarize a thesis statement of 1-2 sentences that wraps up succinctly one message that can be gleaned from each of the advertisements about race and ethnicity. This will be presented as part of your main body, and the discussion should include discussion of many of these topics: socialization, race and ethnicity, prejudice, discrimination, us/them, and norms and/or values. You will need to bring in the social construction of reality, as well.Then, find two more advertisements. One should include white models, and one should include individuals of color as the models. Challenge yourself to pick them at random without trying to find the “perfect” example, as we want to see what the average ad does. Explain how this example from the media adds to the social construction of our perceptions of race and ethnicity. Be sure to provide ample evidence of how this process occurs, and the role that the social institution of the media plays in the construction of race and ethnicity. Your discussion should include a clear explanation of what the social construction of our perceptions of race and ethnicity is, and how cultural transmission occurs through the media. This will be presented as part of your main body.For your concluding paragraph, you will bring together a solid conclusion about race and ethnicity, giving a nice sociological analysis.

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