If you could Change One Law

Write at least 3 paragraphs including the following 1= what law would you change? federal or state law or statute or regulation? 2=How would you change this law? Ex. if a statute, would you work with your congressman/woman or California state legislature? who would that be? How you’d contact him/her to discuss the change you’d want? 3=why do you want to change this law? does it personally affect you or your family? how does the law you want to change affect the general population, or does it affect a particular group? 4=Include any research you do to support your position to change this law and cite your sources with a link? Above is the instruction by the teacher. I would like to have this paper grammatically correct, and in simple and fluent wording. EX: Even if you want to recite a penal code,(big wording in a sentence) please keep the rest of the text easy to understand Note : this assignment is the starting point for the business law course so if I get what I want I will have the whole course assignments done by you!  Thank you!

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