Impact of Campaign

The module will be assessed on an Assignment consisting of a video recording to be submitted in Week 11.The presentation will consist of a 10-minute presentation.You are required to choose one of the options below and from a public relations perspective review the campaignYou will need to produce (1,500 words minimum, 2,000 words maximum): 09.2017 Page 5 of 7 1.A Powerpoint presentation explaining:? the background to the subject? the public relations issues faced? any objectives they could establish for the campaign.? any positives or negatives? any recommendations for extending the impact of the campaign (60% of the marks)2. A Q & A document containing likely questions and responses to support the presentation. (20% of the marks)3. A recorded presentation on your research project which needs to be uploaded to Blackboard. (20% of the marks)

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