Impact of Globalization on International Tourism

Impact of Globalization on International Tourism. Write a 1750 word paper answering; The effect of globalization has periodically increased the impetus of international travel to a larger extent than it was actually witnessed in the past. It can be noted that the curiosity to explore the unknown has constantly been the main motive of travelers even in older times. This curiosity, when backed by globalization, has opened up doors for travelers to cross miles in search of the unknown. thus, facilitating international tourism (Antonescu & Stock, 2012. Gyr, 2010).The 19th century witnessed an upsurge of the middle-class cultural travels. This introduced a new trend of mass travels. and subsequently, the era of the modernized travel for leisure time outings came into the domain of international tourism. This era of tourism modernization also injected the need to revive the traditional mechanisms, widen the innovation scopes and fuel modern forms of holidays. However, this system of group travels impounded the requirement for innovative skills to reduce the cost of the travelers, making the system more flexible to adjust with the new and continually evolving economic systems. These travel requirements went on with the increase of the intercontinental travels during war and the post-war phases. However, the noteworthy boom in the tourism sector came with the rising trend of globalization. This phase changed the complete concept of international tourism and took it to the next level. This new phase of tourism injected the requirement of the post-modern pseudo-events, which the tourists internalize as fun and adventure (Gyr, 2010).The current form of globalization has served as a catalyst for tourism to grow at an extensive rate. The economic development of a country is widely visible from the development of international trade wherein the influence of globalization can be broadly observed as the positive effect of cultural and political developments. This development also fascinated the interests of tourism.

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