Impact of Modern Technology 

The following below shows what should be included in the paper and the setup: Title of the Proposal Begin the introduction/background here. This should be one page—three/four paragraphs, introduction with thesis statement, body and conclusion. Do not use contractions. Problem Statement Use Creswell or Guba template Purpose Statement Use the Creswell template. Research Question Use the template. Write overarching question. Use the template appropriate for your research design. Provide sub questions if necessary. Theoretical or Conceptual Framework Identify variables and the relationship between or among variables is applicable. Significance of the Study Identify the individual or groups who can benefit from this study Delimitation Explain the scope of the study. Review of the Literature The review of the literature has an introduction with a thesis, a body and a summary conclusion. This section must have a minimum of eight (8) pages and a minimum of sixteen (16) peer-reviewed articles published between 2013 and 2018 (5-year window). Have the articles available for your research advisor. Also included in the review of the literature are Bahamas government (Central Bank of The Bahamas, Department of Statistics etc.) and United Nations publications (e.g., World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank etc.). Seminal works (original research) are not restricted by publication date. E.g., original research by Abraham Maslow, 1958. No books are allowed except in the Methodology. As practised in the summaries, your task is to summarize and/or synthesize research articles. Do not comment on the articles. All works must be cited per the American Psychological Association style manual. All works cited must be included in the References. Readability Use side headings to improve readability. Avoid run on sentences. Your sentences should be between 8 – 15 words will provide 90% readability. Alternate the length of the sentences. Paragraphs should have eight (8) or fewer lines. Your paragraphs should have a thesis unless it is a continuation of the prior paragraph. In this case, you will use the appropriate transition word. Do not misuse the semicolon. Do not confuse the hyphen with the n-dash. Use transitions to improve. In-text citations Please use the APA reference manual. Do not misuse et al. Refer to authors by their surnames. Avoid anthropomorphism—articles do not speak, state etc. Summary Conclusion In your final paragraph, restate your thesis. Restate the major point your made in the Review of the Literature. Do not add new information. Hypotheses Use your textbook as a guide for writing your hypothesis(es). Do not confuse hypotheses with propositions. If you have hypotheses, provide both the null and the alternate. Methodology Identify the research approach, research design and the population. Identify the sample design and the sample size. Provide evidence to support your choice. (Bougie and Sekaran or an article cited in your Review of the Literature. Instrument Describe the questionnaire. Cite the sources used for the questions. Ensure that you state whether they were adapted or modified from another study. If you are using an online instrument, ensure that you are not breaching copyright laws. Remember, you are not an expert. Data Collection How do you intend to administer the questionnaire? Provide step-by-step instructions. Data Analysis How do you intend to analyse the data you collected? Do not provide vague instructions. Projected Findings With research question or hypotheses in mind and based on what you know (what you discovered while writing your Review of the Literature) what do you expect to find? Use appropriate dummy table or figure.

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