impact of online retailing economy

Assignment 2: Final Paper Outline (Week 4) – Due Aug 2, 2020 11:55 PM RTMG150 B001 Summer 2020 Instructions: Write a paper on the topic you have selected for the Final Paper, and has been approved by your instructor. This may take the form of an outline. The paper should highlight your basic research into the topic. The paper must: – highlight your initial research into the Final Paper subject matter – be 250-1000 words – be a minimum 3 pages (one page text, plus the APA Style Title and Reference Pages) – follow APA Style – contain four academic references, one being the text – the paper should engage the reader with original prose – language should be precise clear – written in an active voice, guiding the reader through the text – free of grammatical, proofreading, and stylistic errors Submission Instructions: This assignment must be submitted as a Word document attachment only. All other attachments will be graded as a zero.

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