Impacts of Homophobia on a Developing Nation

Submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Impacts of Homophobia on a Developing Nation. The homophobia problem exists not only in nations such as Iran or Russia, where being gay or transgender is not only unacceptable but is further termed as a criminal offence. In nations such as the US and UK where being gay is accepted, homophobia still haunts the LGBT people. To worsen matters, homophobia, in turn, has detrimental effects that go beyond stigmatization or legal such as economic, social, and most importantly health issues. In this study, homophobia in developing nations will be discussed with regards to the negative impacts that it has in terms of their health context.According to Houdart (2104, n.p.), exclusion, prejudice, and discrimination of LGBT persons cost economies billions of dollars owing to loss of labour. Loss of labour, in turn, lowers output and productivity, and in the end, the affected nations end up with lowered GDPs. In such cases, funding for crucial matters such as health care is affected. In India, for instance, where there exists no legislation to protect LGBT people and where being gay is a criminal offence, research shows that annually, 1.7% loss of GDP occurs due to the same. This is an equivalent of 31 billion USD (Houdart 2014, n.p.). The GDP of a nation is what determines the allocation of funds to the provisions required for sustaining them. As such, if part of a developing nation’s labour force is locked out of employment, the GDP is lowered, and sectors such as healthcare cannot be fully supported. The result ends up affecting both gay and straight persons in that quality health care cannot be guaranteed. Concisely. a poor healthcare sector results due to shortage of labour caused by homophobia.Externally, a developing nation is likely to suffer cuts in financial aid aimed at supporting its healthcare sector.&nbsp.

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