Importance of Drafting

This week, we look to Anne Lamott to guide our understanding of the importance of drafting. Before starting on this assignment, be sure to read her essay, “Shitty First Drafts.” Then, let her advice guide you as you draft the argumentative essay this week. Spend some time reviewing the Argument Essay assignment instructions. Be sure to also review the resources this week to guide your further understanding of argumentative writing: Drafting an Informed Argument Drafting the Argumentative Essay Then, get started writing! Remember, we are not expecting perfection this week. We are looking to be sure you are applying the lessons on argumentative writing into your essay. Your work this week will be graded on the presence of An introduction that overviews the topic and engages the reader’s interest A claim/thesis statement that provides the writer’s clear position (this should be the last sentence of your introduction) Argumentative body paragraphs that support the claim/thesis with research that is integrated into the essay with APA style Acknowledgment of the opposition with the response to it (refutation, conceding, etc.) Conclusion (You may not feel ready to write a full conclusion yet. That’s okay; just give it a try.) Once you are ready to submit the essay for this week’s assignment, also submit it to Smarthinking Online Tutoring. This will allow you to receive feedback from both your instructor and a professional tutor.

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