Importance of Social Studies in Curriculum

Discussion questions are one page double spaces while your 2 comments to your classmates’ responses should be 5 Sentences long or a paragraph. You must cite at least one reference for with your answer. In your comments explain why you agree or disagree with the ideas your classmate has written. Stating that you agree or disagree then repeat what they have said will not be adequate. You comments should reflect that you have read the materials. You earn 20 points for your answer that meets the requirements and 10 points each reply to your peers that meets the requirements. A total of 40 points for meeting all discussion guidelines per module. You must post your own answer before you are allowed to see your peers’ posts. Review the following article and answer the following question. (Links to an external site.) What does the author state the importance of social Studies in the curriculum? Of the reasons given for teaching social studies which one do you think is the most important to you and why?

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