Importance of Web Analytics

Each question requires no less than 150 words to answer.Please, use APA style references and in text citations in support of your answers. Please do not use quotes of any sort in your answer, paraphrase your answer of what the author is trying to say, then cite.. Consider what you have read in the articles and in the lesson materials so far. You have learned that web analytics requires actionable metrics. (In your own words not copied from the book or a reference) analyze what you have read and give a few examples in your answer. (20 Points)Your Question: Describe the importance of Web Analytics to an organization and the new responsibilities of the web analyst.(No references need for this answer, must be in student’s own words)2. Selecting the right analytics tool is an important process in web analytics and for the organization that will be using the metrics to base business decisions and strategies. Research the many web analytics tools that measures web traffic, such as OWA, Piwik, Google Analytics, Yahoo Web Analytics, WebTrends and IBM Web Analytics, just to name a few. Please answer the question below. (20 Points)Your Question: Research the many web analytics tools that measures web traffic, you may use any of the listed above or you can find and select an analytics tool that you found. You are to select only one (1) analytic tool. Describe why you found this analytics tool interesting and what features does it offer that may be attractive to an organization to begin using?3. With the many advancements in mobile and web technologies, users are accessing the web at an alarming rate to conduct business and shop. Many organizations have adopted mobile versions of their company websites to cater to these mobile users, to make their web experience on the mobile device user friendly. Please answer the question below. (20 Points)Your Question: Explain why organizations should track mobile users, and is this an area that deserves the web analyst’s attention?4. Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms forcing you the analysts to face an uphill battle in keeping your site optimally indexed. (20 Points)Your Question: What are the steps you can do to stay ahead of or stay on par with the search engines as they constantly change their algorithms? Please describe what steps you can take.5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the hottest topics in marketing, the use of keywords and key phrases drive quality visitors to your site through search engine hits. (20 Points)Your Question: Explain the importance of SEO and the various ways it can be utilized, in addition, include how to measure your success or failure of your efforts.

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