Impression of Interest Groups

1.Please write 3-4 sentences for the following discussion question: The general impression of interest groups is that they are the domain of big business and organized labor. Think about your own interests. Are they represented by any organized group? What are they?Are you affiliated with the group in any way?2. Please write 1-2 sentences response for these two discussions:1. A group of interests is any formally organized association that seeks to influence public policy. One of the interest groups I belong to is PTA (Parent Teachers Association). This is a very organized group, which is really very useful for parents. This organization works very hard and provides all the information to parents about school life.It helps parents to be aware of all changes in the educational process. I was very lucky to be a member of this organization. It is great that we have a group of interests like the Parent Teacher Association.2. The interest group that I support is Battle For Net. They believe our online rights can not be actively protected by unelected administrators, and neither should we depend on the courts to overrule catastrophic government decisions and that we require good regulations to uphold net neutrality as long as the Internet remains. They support the fact that we should have freedom of what to say online and offer the same amount of internet connectivity for all traffic and volume, so it is not feasible to restrict or reduce traffic for one application or website. I think we all want the same internet speed and not pay more for data used for higher speed internet and be restricted to certain things online. It would also stop ISPs from throttling flow, censoring material, and enforcing unreasonable charges. In addition, ISPs do not create special agreements with providers or websites under which they are equipped with better network connectivity or volume. I was shocked when I found out that cooperation wants us, consumers, to pay more for higher speed and be restricted to certain things on the internet. I hope you guys would do some search for more about net neutrality and the Battle for Net.

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