Incarceration Versus Rehabilitation in the United States

Prepare and submit a paper on incarceration versus rehabilitation in the united states. Being incarcerated in the US prison system has been the highest form of legal punishment. The prison systems have served as therapeutic forms of treatment. The confined to their inmates, the peer prisoners are forced to conform to a more socially appropriate member of the community. The United States prison system has been found to embrace an ineffective form of prisoner treatment that offers no benefits to society and additionally has been discovered too costly for the economy.To begin with, the jails are facilities that are basically designed for the confinement of the convicts after the arrest and even before the trial takes place, or even for a short period of conviction for such a less offense. The prisons are built to keep as well as house the individuals for some longer periods of time which follows the conviction for such a serious offense. In other words, the jails could as well be referred to as the detention centers while the prisons are called the correctional facilities or even the penitentiaries. Irrespective of their names, the functions of both of them generally remain the same which is to lock up the convicted and the accused criminals.Currently in the United States has incarcerated quite a high percentage of the population than any other country on the globe. In the year 2008, more than 2.3 million Americans were in either jail or prison where one out of 48 working-age men were behind bars. The rates were not just above any other in the world but as well were substantially higher than the long-standing experience in history. In reviewing then, the main cause for the increased incarceration analyzed the main relationship between the crime rates and the incarcerations.

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