Incident Management Process for IT

I would like technical research paper written for below topic for about 10-12 pages or more which needs to include Technical details -Design, diagrams, approach, architecture, citations and the paper needs to be of doctorate level. Plagiarism free.

Technical Research Paper : Incident management process for IT service management

Please refer attached document which has all the details regarding this topic using which the research paper needs to be written. Maintain the content flow as in the attached document.
Kindly make sure you do not copy the same diagram instead utilize the content in the diagram and prepare a new layout. Please try to rephrase the language and text on the tables.

Paper need to have : Abstract, Introduction, Main body, Glossary, Appendix, conclusion, reference’s.

Kindly DO NOT USE any Logo, company names.

Note : The above topic have to be covered any addition to the above is good to have please do not abstain yourself in exploring more and include the same. Diagrams, Tables cannot be copied directly from net will have to be modified/changed. Please make sure you run Plagiarism test.

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