Independent Nursing Practice

Plagiarism report please1. Think about an independent nursing practice problem you care passionately about and would be interested in searching for evidence. The below problems should *****NOT**** be used:*medical/doctor/physician problems such as medications, or medications administration or effects, diagnostics such as EKGs, labs, cardiac catherizations.*staffing, nurse-to-patient ratios, workforce issues are organizational/system /political/administrative/multi-stakeholder problems which nursing cannot solve independently.Describe a significant nursing clinical issue, topic of interest, or practice problem that is important to you. Describe why you chose the problem/topic.Write your clinical question in the PICO(T) format for your nursing practice problem. *To write your clinical question in the PICO(T) format, use the Guide for writing PICOT Questions and Examples found in your required reading or access the following link:List each of your PICOT elements.Share why you care about this nursing practice problem and why you believe the problem would benefit from finding the best evidence.****400 words with reference and in text citation****2.  Effective communication is a staple of our healthcare culture.  Working with patients, peers, and interprofessional teams requires that nurses manage information and evidence toward influencing safe and positive patient outcomes.Please address the following:Describe caring attributes of the culture where you currently practiceWhich attributes stand out as having significant influence on patients, nurses, and other healthcare professionals?How do you see effective communication relating to patient outcomes in this setting?What is the evidence for this?350 words response with reference and in text citation****

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