Indian History

Write a well-organized, thoughtful essay on the topic below. Please use quotations and examples from readings; you can also refer to the movie Gandhi and zoom lecture recordings. (Essay Length: 3-4 pages)  Topic:  Mohandas K Gandhi returned to India from South Africa in 1915. Gandhi was highly critical of the elitist orientation of the Indian National Congress (INC). Did Gandhi succeed in transforming the Indian National Congress into a mass-based organization? Did he manage to include Indian peasants (both as subjects and participants) in the anti-British nationalist movements? In other words, was Gandhi successful in raising the grievances of the ordinary people and making the INC a mass-based organization? Reading  -Metcalf and Metcalf, Chapter 6, pp. 167-185 – David Arnold, “Peasant Power”  (Moodle Reading for 11/06)

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