Industrial Britain

(1) this essay should discuss the economic background, development, significant events of the UK between the years 1750-1914 (2) the essay 5 pages limitation does not include a citation. (3) Body of paper supports the central thesis; brings to bear appropriate and persuasive evidence. Conceptual sophistication and engagement with the topic; recognition of limitations and counterarguments; thoughtfulness; originality of ideas. Explicit use of economic theories, models, and data. (4) please search sources on google scholar and make sure all the sources are scholarly. (5) please follow the MLA format citation rules strictly. (6) Assessment of the paper as a whole, including the soundness and sophistication of its arguments and its fit with the rhetoric of discourse in Economics. (7) Tone, terminology, and other language choices appropriate to professional economics, to the intended audience, and to the type of writing.

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