Industrial Design

For A( study plans to improve foreign language: Korean and English) required for taking a bachelor’s degree course before and after you came to Korea) pls do not exceed an A4 size paper. Pls include both plans and how can I improve both Korean and English at the same time during the 5 year period of being in South Korea( this is a Korean government scholarship). And for type B(study plan for a bachelor degree course, I’ll add an attachment to the file for more detail instruction). Write it for 2 A4 size papers. I will apply for industrial design. And this scholarship type I am allowed to choose three different universities for the same major. So I decided to pick the following universities:Kaist university( one of the top universities in south Korea),  kookmin university  and Daegu Univeristy( these universities are also popular it’s also on the list of famous universities in south Korea but not as famous as Kaist university). So pls state the reasons why I choose such these three universities to study industrial design. Since I pick the most famous university as my first choice. I don’t you to sound selfish so please help me write a reasonable reasons without being selfish. And in this part pls be specific for  the academic Goals and plans including in the timeline to achieve them and future plan after completion of the study. I’ll add the more detailed instruction in the attachment.

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