Influence of Media and Technology on Humanization

Discuss the influence of the (mass) media and technology on human growth and development (of self). Socialization is the process in which we learn about social expectations and how to interact with other people and within social settings. Socialization involves learning and understanding societal norms, values, beliefs; how to be human. Through socialization, we acquire a personal identity and learn to value personal relationships with others. Socialization is a continuous process that takes place throughout one’s lifetime. As we age, various social agents like the family, our educational system, and peer associations (to name a few) play a significant role in our social development. Arguably, no other social institution has had as significant effect on human development and socialization as the (mass) media and technology. Instructions: Discuss the influence of media and technology on human socialization. Provide a personal assessment regarding how media and technology influences/affects you and those around you. Discuss how the absence of or a significant change in your consumption of media and technology would affect your life (for example: if you didn’t have access to TV, internet, cell phone, etc.).

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