Informal System Influence on Educational Experiences

For this autobiography project you will write a 2-3 page paper about how the informal system has influenced your educational experiences. For example, you could discuss different “climates” related to your school experiences and how these helped or hindered your academic success. In your autobiography, be sure to address things from the chapter such as: Your beliefs about school and how they are affected by everything that goes on inside and outside of the classroom i.e. teachers, students, busses, cafeteria, extracurricular activities, arts, music, clubs, friends, parents, volunteers, administrators, community involvement, budgets, laws, etc. The “hidden curriculum” and the school as an agent of socialization The role of culture within a school and the way culture contributes to the overall climate This is not a “history of me” paper, but rather a focused project where you discuss how the informal system has influenced your entire education. In your paper, I should see some synthesis of what was discussed in the chapter, and it should provide a glimpse of you and your educational experiences. Your paper should be completed in Word, Times New Roman, 12 Font.

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