Information Literacy

Information Literacy: The Cheating Scandal   Annotated Bibliography Assignment Instructions You will write a mini- research paper on Academic Dishonesty. The point of this assignment is to locate and identify scholarly resources and to create an annotated bibliography for this topic.   1.       Research the internet for information on the latest College Admissions Scandal. You may use the link below as a starting point. There may be other links to give you more information. a.       Navigate to the online library at: to conduct research on the topic of Plagiarism. You must have at least THREE references to support your responses. b.        Locate 3 sources to research the topic: “What is Academic Dishonesty and How to Avoid it in a College Setting.   2.       In a 1-2-page paper, write a narrative which responds to the following question about academic dishonesty. a.       Define academic dishonesty?  Identify at least 2 different types of academic dishonesty.  b.       Describe the College Cheating Scandal of 2019                                                                i.       What is the scandal?                                                              ii.      Who is involved in the scandal?                                                             iii.       Who was affected by the scandal?                                                             iv.      How did it affect those involved (perpetrators, victims)?                                                               v.      What impact might this scandal have on other students (students currently enrolled; prospective students looking to enroll?                                                              vi.      What do you feel the consequences for those involved should be?  c.         Define plagiarism? Why do people plagiarize?   d.        Explain what you feel the consequences for plagiarism should be? e.       Discuss what research says about avoiding academic dishonesty?  3.       Create an annotated bibliography on academic dishonesty and plagiarism in college (These sources must be from databases listed in the Richland College Library. IMPORTANT: THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE ASSIGNMENT a.       Cite your references in the body of your paper in MLA Style. Your sources must come from scholarly databases such as Academic Search Complete, Gale Virtual Reference Library, EBSCO Host, etc.  (normally accessed through the Richland College library) b.       In your annotation, include the bibliographic information for your 3 sources in MLA style. These references should meet the T.R.A.A.P.  (Timeliness, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, Purpose/Point of View explained in your textbook. c.        This means that you must provide bibliographic information AND an annotation (summary) for each of your selected sources. Use your textbook example as a guide for your annotated bibliography.  d.       Each annotation should be at least 3 sentences in length and provide commentary that summarizes each author’s viewpoint and clearly explains how the source meets the T.R.A.A.P. criteria. There are several widely available bibliographic utilities available online that can help you build your bibliography (Noodle Tools).

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