Information Technology Security

Please write a report that addresses all of the following information:

1. Your Profession: Information Technology Security
a. Identify the profession that you intend to join after graduation. This profession should correspond to your major.
b. For example, if you are an accounting major, you probably intend to join the accounting profession.
2. Your Professional Association: Cyber Security
a. Identify the professional association connected to that profession. For example, as a lawyer, one would be a member of the State Bar of Texas.
b. Please provide the name and website of this organization.
c. You should find a state or national level organization, not a local one.
3. Specialized Training or Skill: Software Penetration
a. What are the educational requirements to be a member of your chosen profession?
b. Identify any other membership requirements of the professional association and provide a short summary of these requirements.
c. If your profession requires the passage of an exam—e.g. the CPA exam or the bar exam—you should discuss that requirement.
4. Code of Ethics: Secret
a. Identify the ethical rules of your chosen professional association.
b. Please provide a link to that code of ethics.
c. Write a summary of the major provisions of the code.
5. Self-Regulation:
a. Identify the enforcement process used by your chosen profession.
b. Write a summary of consequences for failing to adhere to the code of ethics (and other relevant rules) and discuss the process by which those consequences are enforced.
6. Client-Focused:
a. What does it mean to serve the interests of others in the context of your chosen profession?
7. Reflect:
a. What have you learned about being an ethical member of your chosen profession?

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