Topic: In the public eye law enforcement is the face of injustice. analyzes the root cause of why law enforcement is in the center of the term injustice. Requirement: In-text citation and one paragraph. In this section, you will write about the information you found in your research, making sure that you cite or give credit to the source (using APA Style) you obtained the information from.  It should not matter how long the paper is, there should be some indication of where you received/obtained the information from. For example…Kouros’ (1981) study on bowling provides a history of the sport of bowling with a focus on the “ten-pin bowling,” which became popular in the United States after bowling was outlawed because of the heavy amount of gambling associated with the sport….”Another example would be…Schenkel’s (1987) “History of Bowling” outlines the growth in popularity of the sport from 1945 to 1980.  Schenkel notes that the growth of technology, especially with television had a tremendous effect on the popularity of bowling…” For more information read this:

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