Institutional Powers

In an essay of 4 to 6 pages (1,000 to 1,500 words), please answer the following prompt. I expect you to write your essay based on the assigned readings, on class forums, and on lectures and other video materials presented on the web site. I do not expect you to supplement these sources with outside research. Please cite forum posts by the author’s name and the date of the post. The president has constitutional, institutional, and political sources of power. Of these, the institutional powers are arguably the strongest. In an essay, analyze the institutional powers of the presidency and assess how Presidents in the 20th Century were able to use their institutional and political resources to challenge what had historically been Congressional dominance of U.S. national politics. In your opinion, based on the evidence that you have presented, what is the likely future balance of power between Presidents and Congress? Why? —————————————————————————————————————————————— Above is the assignment description by the professor, as you write the essay, you can ignore the required citation of the discussion forum. Citations should be found from the Book and the lecture captions that I extracted from the lecture videos. Make sure it’s original work.

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