institutions of power

Instructor Questions: Pay close attention to the themed questions below Theme #1: The Legislative Process 1. Do you think the framers of the constitution “got it right” by creating such a complex legislative branch where it is difficult to get anything done? In your view, what are the positives and what are the negatives of our legislative system? What changes, if any, would you like to see made? Theme #2: Presidential Power 2. In recent years, presidents have expanded their power through increased use of executive orders, executive agreements, and other unilateral instruments. Is the U.S. becoming a presidential republic? Is this a development that you fear or welcome? Theme #3: Selection vs. Election of Federal Judges 3. One of the often debated issues surrounding the selection and appointment of federal judges is whether or not the justices should be selected or elected? There are pros and cons for arguments on both sides. Considering what you have learned, which do you favor? If we elected Supreme Court Justices, would it upset the checks and balances in our system? Why or why not? Reflection: As you complete the readings and participate in the different assignments, I suggest jotting down some key “takeaways” or reflective thoughts you have about what you read and experience. Connection:.This part of the journal is to provide you a chance to connect one thing you learned to your own personal experiences (i.e., past, present or imagined future life). Identify one thing you learned and connect or relate it to your everyday Questions : What sparked your curiosity? What questions remain unanswered or do you have new questions? FOLLOW FORMAT AS IT IS SHOWN HERE

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