Inter-Group Conflict

Problem Description will require you to identify a criminal justice professional or inter-group conflict issue that is of importance to you. The paper for this assignment will be 5 to 8 pages in length consistent with current APA style and will consist of the following elements: The Problem Description – This should support your assertion that the situation you have identified is indeed one in which both a conflict is present and could benefit from a conflict resolution intervention. Detailed Background – this is needed to provide detailed background information and context related to the conflict. Examples of Manifestation – specific examples of how the specific conflict manifests itself should be provided. The paper should also review how the conflict escalates and de-escalates and the interpersonal or social-psychological facets of the conflict. Previous Efforts of Resolution – You will need to review any previous efforts to resolve the conflict. Further assignment specific instructions are given in the Assignment One – Problem Description instruction sheet.

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