intercultural conflict

1. Consider an intercultural conflict you have experienced. The conflict could be interpersonal, group or community-based. 2. Write a brief description (2-3 paragraphs) of the conflict. Be sure to clearly explain it as an intercultural conflict. 3.  Read Chapter 9. Analyze the conflict based on the ideas and concepts in the chapter. Specifically, identify the micro, meso and macro-level dimensions of the conflict. 4. Based on your understanding of intercultural communication, what suggestions can you offer to resolve the conflict? Please connect to concepts and ideas from the text. Papers will be evaluated on: 1.) demonstration that reading has been completed, 2.) application of concepts and ideas, 3.) clarity of writing. Must include Introduction paragraph, Body paragraphs, and Conclusion paragraph. Try your best to smoothly connect your ideas and thoughts into a cohesive paper (not just answers to the questions). Paper must use and cite concepts, theories, terms from the textbook, which requires you to include in-text citations and a Reference Page/Works Cited page at end of paper. (You can cite using either APA or MLA; please note reference information for all reading packet materials included at the beginning of the reader). Please also include your personal examples, experiences and opinions (feel free to use the word “I”). required source to use: Sorrells, K. (2016). Intercultural communication: Globalization and social justice(2nded.).Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE.

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